How to Register to I-FIKR

How to Register to I-FIKR

Registration for Existing Members:

Step 1. go to

Click on Login Button on the homepage if you are already an existing member of I-FIKR

Then enter username and password.

If you username and password is incorrect, click on Forget Password to reset your password which will be sent to your email.


Registration for New Members:

Step 1. go to

Either click on Subscribe button or click on the login button, then click "Register a New Account"

Both will direct new users to the Registration Page.

Users will then be able to select which subscription plan they want, either Free (which as limitations), Individual plan ( full access to one user), Enterprise (give up to 15 user access to institutions).


Registration for Free users:

Step 1. Click on the register button

To register, Fill up all the required boxes then click register.

An account will be created immediately for the users.



Update User Prolife:

Step 1. User will be prompt to update their profile or click on user name at the top bar

Click on edit my profile

check username and full name

Date of Birth: Upon clicking on the calendar, if your year does not appear click on the first year to go up or click on the last year to go down. Then select the month and the date.

confirm that the email is correct

Enter your industry sector, your country, contact number.

Name of institution, if your institution in not in the drop down list then just write our your institution name.

Enter your current position, biography (optional) and your area of interest (auto populate)

Then click save changes or to restart click on reset.


If you still face any difficulty please contact us or chat with us on live chat.